Van Geffen 1

Lauren Van Geffen

Mrs. Kemmerling


October 28th 2013

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I thought there was no better way to represent this section of the novel than with pictures. The first image I used is one of a Bengal Tiger. This tiger is a representation of Richard Parker, and the struggle Pi faces when he saves the tiger’s life “Wait a second. Together? We’ll be together? Have I gone mad?” (Page 109), will the decision to throw the lifebuoy be a good one?

Bengal Tiger

The second image I chose was a life vest. I used the life vest to represent the boat sinking, and Pi’s life hanging in the balance, “One of the men interrupted me by thrusting a life jacket into my arms” (page 115), that life jacket could’ve very well of saved Pi’s life.

Sportsman Guide

Next I chose a lifeboat to represent the journey Pi is about to embark on. His trip to the boat was well… unexpected “only when they threw me overboard did I begin to have doubts” (page 116), but he did land on the boat, which made his life a lot more exciting.


I chose to use a picture of a zebra to not only represent the zebra on the boat, but also to represent the hard journey ahead. The zebra’s struggles “it landed with a loud crash on the last bench, smashing it and shaking the whole lifeboat. The animal called out” (page 116), set the tone for the rest of the struggles everyone else aboard the ship will face.


The last image I chose to use was a banana. The banana is symbolic of Orange Juice (the orang-utan), I chose to represent this because when she joins her other passengers, Pi seems to find serenity. The tone of the novel changes from rushed and urgent to calm and accepting.


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