Lauren Van Geffen

September 9th 2013

Summary “Why I Blog”

Mrs. Kemmerling


                The piece Why I Blog by Andrew Sullivan is an article about why the author decided to start blogging. Throughout the article he compares blogging to more formal styles of writing, describing blogging as a “conversational style” (pg. 7), because the connection with the readers and making them feel involved in crucial to the blogger. He also explains that it is more of an expression of personal opinions, explained when he says, “the blogger can get away with and afford fewer pretensions of authority” (pg.5), given this the author more freedom the write what they want, not what they’re told they can write.

                Sullivan explains that he was originally started blogging as a necessity. He was originally a free-lance journalist and having a presence online in the year 2000, was pivotal to his career. He started just posting his pieces to his website, and it eventually turned into blogging.  The experience of blogging is addicting to him “the simple experience of being able to directly board words to readers was an exhilarating literary liberation” (pg.3) , self-publishing is a dream to most writers, and blogging is the perfect outlet.

                Sullivan concludes by saying that reading a blog does not replace other mediums of writing, like newspaper for example, but rather is its own thing altogether. The blogosphere was created for the distracted- reader. Blogs aren’t meant to be read with the same intensity as a novel, but rather read while on the computer (or other mediums) with the distracted attitude that comes along with that.


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